When something goes wrong on a construction project, there's never a shortage of finger-pointing and debate over who's at fault.

Whether a dispute over a work delay, a non-conforming condition, or another beef altogether between workers or subs, it has to get resolved quickly because time is money. You have project to build. Deadlines to meet. A budget, profit margin, and a professional reputation to protect. That's where SmartPhoto Construction Photo Documentation comes in. And, it can be a real lifesaver.

SmartPhoto offers a controversy-quashing solution that quickly gets you back to the business of building.

Incorporating our comprehensive, inspection-grade, and cost-effective Construction Photo Documentation services into each and every one of your ongoing and upcoming projects may well prove to be the most effective tool in your crib for keeping the blame game between parties on your job sites down to a dull roar in the wake of something going wrong, so you can concentrate on getting things back on track.

After all, what greater confidence could you have than in the irrefutable visual records we make available to you 24/7 to help you chronologically trace back to the cause of a problem, and hone in the party responsible for getting it fixed?

Here's how it works:

As work progresses on a project, we'll be there to capture as-built conditions with high-resolution digital cameras. Immediately after each photo session, we'll optimize, categorize, and upload the best of your inspection-grade visual content to our proprietary and secure web-based SmartPhoto Documentation Manager application, with search criteria customized just for you. It's within the SDM that we'll work our magic. And, that begins with digitally indexing each and every one of your project photos to corresponding floor and site plans, and culminates in a complete and permanent chronological visual record of your entire build that can be easily referenced, annotated, and shared from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device.

There's nothing like have an in-depth source of project reference right at your fingertips to help you sort out who did what and when, in no time at all.

Finger-pointers beware!

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