We're not interested in adopting a franchise business model to deliver our Construction Photo Documentation services.

Don't get us wrong, we have absolutely nothing against franchised businesses. And, we're certainly interested in growing ours. But, we just prefer to achieve our growth organically rather than through creating a business formula and collecting fees from would-be franchisees in exchange for its use. After all, we're not in the franchising business. We're in the Construction Photo Documentation business. And, that's what we want to focus on!

Okay, so no SmartPhoto franchises. What does that mean for you? Plenty, we think.

For one, because the proverbial buck stops directly with us when it comes to Photo Documenting your important projects, you benefit big time. To our way of thinking, delegating away even the slightest bit of control of operations and services to subcontractors, or across a network of franchisees could seriously compromise the meticulous standards of quality we strive to uphold when it comes to our work and our clients.

It's just NOT in the plan for us to leave those standards of quality to a subcontractor's or franchisee's interpretation. And, it's just NOT a risk we're willing to take.

Clients like you are far too important to us.