SmartSurvey℠ Pre-Construction

This one-time photo session is conducted at your project site prior to excavation and construction. Images are captured from key vantage points and perspectives along its perimeter, as well as from other locations where work is likely to be intensive. Surrounding areas, nearby buildings, or other structures will also be included. If there’s an existing building or other structure on your site that’s scheduled for demolition or renovation for incorporation into your new project, you can be sure we’ll photograph it along with any related roadways, parking facilities, and grounds. We'd typically index the content of this photo session to your project’s site plan.

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This is a critical milestone photo session we conduct at your project site prior to, and then again during the pouring of concrete slabs or foundations and backfill. Our main focus is to capture overlapping images of forms, underground utility trenching and conduit work, underground water retention and drainage, as well as various pre-slab rough-ins, rebar, waterproofing, and more within the building envelope. We’d typically index the content of this photo session to your project’s site utility plan.

Key Benefit of SmartSurvey and SmartSlab Photo Sessions:

  • Should any issue, complaint or legal action arise for recovery of damages related to these stages of construction work, the date-stamped output of the SmartSurvey and SmartSlab photo sessions could provide visual support to assist in stating your side of the case.

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SmartProgression℠ – Exterior

When the framing of your construction project begins to take shape, and at every stage of construction thereafter, we’ll take high-resolution digital photos from key vantage points around the building perimeter to broadly capture the overall perspective of each elevation, as well as the surrounding landscape and views. Each time we visit, we’ll follow a similar 360-degree shoot path to create as accurate a progress comparison record as possible. To that end, we strongly recommend that you have us conduct SmartProgression photo sessions on your site at bi-weekly or monthly intervals for the duration of your project, with schedule adjustments based on the overall pace of construction.

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SmartProgression℠ – Interior

Photos from this session reveal the inside of your construction project as it evolves from framing through completion. Once interior framing is substantial enough to allow one or more of our SmartPhoto photographers to safely navigate through sections, rooms, areas or floors, all points of view of the building’s interior will be broadly captured to the extent that’s possible. Tracking includes stud or steel beam installation, decking and more; from the point work begins across trades and as it all comes together. We strongly recommended that you have us conduct SmartProgession photo sessions on your site at bi-monthly or monthly intervals for the duration of your project, with schedule adjustments based on the overall pace of construction.

Key Benefits of SmartProgression Photo Sessions:

  • If subcontractors know their work is being visually memorialized, accountability will be at its best and thus fewer “quality of work” issues will tend to arise on your project.
  • Your off-site project stakeholders can easily monitor the progress of construction projects we document for you, using our web-based SmartPhoto Documentation Manager. It’s as if they can take a virtual walk-through of any project, at any time convenient to without leaving their offices. They definitely won’t have to incur as many travel expenses as they did in the past to visit construction sites to make sure they’re getting what they’re paying for, and that everything is being built according to spec, and with quality workmanship.

SmartDetails℠ Series Photo Sessions

This series of photo sessions is event-driven and permanently documents very specific work efforts, areas, aspects, stages, features or details of particular interest or importance to YOU. With close inspection of materials and workmanship top-of-mind, SmartDetails series photo sessions feature a higher concentration of photos shot at close range, and in many more directional perspectives than the SmartProgression series. Sessions typically coincide with scheduled inspections prior to walls and ceilings being covered up.

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SmartDetails℠ – MEP

This is the most critical photo session for the majority of projects. All walls and ceilings are photographed in great detail (pre or post-inspection) such that connections, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, low voltage (including fire, security, telecommunications and other completed systems) are permanently captured in their “as-built” locations before the installation of insulation and drywall. This photo set provides you with the perpetual 24/7 “x-ray vision” you’ll need to go back and “see” wires, duct work, pipes and more, long after they’ve been covered up with finishing materials.

Key Benefits of SmartDetails – MEP Photo Sessions

  • When a new building is first occupied, sometimes there’s a delay before the structure’s floor plans are made available to its owner(s) or manager(s). In the meantime, should it become necessary to troubleshoot a problem within the structure or a critical system within the walls; damage will result if the process is done “blindly”. “Destructive investigation” methods are costly and the SmartDetails - MEP photo session makes them unnecessary.
  • Many contractors add a premium to their bids as a protection against unforeseen obstacles or circumstances that may crop up during the construction process. As a result, costs are almost always higher than they should be. Construction project stakeholders haven’t had any other choice but to pay these premiums. However, adopting our SmartDetails – MEP photo session as a best practice may eliminate the need for industry contingency premiums altogether because it exposes just about any unforeseen condition before the walls and ceilings are covered up.
  • Provides great tool to facilitate warranty work.

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SmartDetails℠ - Elevation

At agreed upon milestones, we’ll conduct this photo session on your site to capture and document the installation of, or overall condition of windows, window system details, window flashing details, doors, waterproofing and exterior skin of your building, leading up to and right before cover up and finish.

Key Benefit of SmartDetails℠ - Elevation Photo Sessions

  • Because there’s almost never enough documentation to assist in determining whether or not a problem that suddenly crops up within one or more elements of your building’s exterior (during or after project completion) is an isolated one, or a precursor to a much wider and costly issue; the SmartDetails – Elevation photo session is invaluable! We’re sure you can well imagine hearing many sighs of relief at your construction site upon learning that a window or door leak is NOT a systemic problem.

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SmartDetails℠ - Line

We’ll conduct this photo session upon your request to thoroughly capture the immediate status and condition of one or more of your construction projects, renovations or refurbishments, where work has not yet commenced, is currently under way, or under suspension due to an abrupt or imminent change of General Contractor, etc.

Key Benefit of SmartDetails℠ - Line Photo Sessions:

  • The SmartDetails – Line photo session is an extremely valuable one to conduct at any point in the project life cycle because it provides a clear and permanent record of where one contractor stopped work and where the next began.

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SmartDetails℠ – Exterior Finish

We’ll customize this photo session to meet your specific needs, but its primary focus right out of the chute is to provide you with high-resolution images shot with greater zoom capacity to highlight your building’s exterior aesthetics, architectural features and detailing, insulation finishing systems (EIFS), stucco, and more.

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SmartDetails℠ – Interior Finish

At the point a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued to you or is about to be, we’ll come to your job site to photograph all walls, ceilings, floors and finished appointments in their post-inspection state, leaving you with a permanent record of the condition of the entire project at completion.

Key Benefits of SmartDetails Photo Sessions:

  • Facilitates resolution of outstanding punch list items and warranty issues.
  • If elements of your project are incomplete or quality is in question,the visual evidence provided by our SmartDetails – Interior photo session leaves no room for any “back and forth finger-pointing” between subs debating who did what, and what wasn’t completed by its mandated finish date.

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SmartRenovation℠ – Exterior

SmartRenovation℠ – Interior

This series of open-ended photo sessions offers a combination of the exterior and interior project coverages featured in our SmartProgression and SmartDetails series. We use it to document fast-paced remodeling, renovation, or refurbishment projects of narrow scope and relatively short duration. Just call us as often as you need us. Whether it’s every day or once per week, you can arrange for this series of services on the fly. We’ll show up on your job site on pretty short notice, prepared to capture every aspect of work accomplished on your project since we were last there.

Key Benefits of SmartRenovation℠ Photo Sessions:

  • Same as those of the SmartProgression and SmartDetails service packages.


As your visual construction project documentation begins to take shape in our web-based application, our Photo Documentation Specialists (PDS) will be available to create overview slideshows from it that we call SmartSlides. SmartSlides presentations can be easily and freely distributed by you to allow your lenders, consultants, developers, project stakeholders or benefactors to quickly review your project upon completion, or at any time during the construction process. It’s up to you. We’ll even set it to music!

Additionally, you can use SmartSlides to support ongoing sales, marketing, public relations initiatives and more. The scope of work includes a customizable section for Owner, Superintendent and Project Manager photos to be incorporated into SmartSlides presentations, dated and labeled as instructed.

Key Benefits:

  • Allows lenders, consultants, developers and other project stakeholders to quickly review the overall state of construction inside and outside a project via email, video sharing websites, DVD, Blu-Ray media and more.
  • Serves as an excellent tool to support ongoing sales, marketing and public relations initiatives. The community can easily see how a project is coming along, as well.